Social science, game theory and positive psychology walk into a bar. Of course they smile, since research shows grinning at strangers increases feelings of connection and offer to let you buy them a drink, knowing that giving will make you feel better too. You’re all getting along so splendidly that you forget to check sad making Facebook and give each other 20 second, oxytocin producing hugs.

The Moody Piñata is dedicated to providing practical, research based solutions to help sensitive people live better in a often insensitive world. Wondering if you or someone you love (or hate) might be a highly sensitive person? Find out now with this quiz.

Being a moody piñata is about trying to see the jungle gym potential in every obstacle, encouraging meaningful human connection and promoting a light heartened approach to the serious problem of how to live well in the real world. Not everyday is going to be amazing, but it can be little better right?

About the Original Moody Pinata (aka: Heather Robinson)

Heather Robinson is the original moody pinata living and creating in San Francisco. She is obsessed with: words, coffee, your resting heart rate and making sweet love to inner critics. She's a history puff,* super personal trainer,† proud cat lady‡ and the first person to write an entire novel using sidewalk chalk.§ Heather is an expert at locking her keys in her car, radical vulnerability and translating research into useful and enjoyable forms of communication.

At her blog moodypinata Heather connects with sensitive types and helps them to live easier in an often insensitive world. She's most proud of helping many clients feel comfortable and strong in their bodies. She is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and earned her masters in recreation, parks and tourism from San Francisco State University, with an emphasis in encouraging women's active leisure. Currently she's not checking her email...seriously, she's not.

*similar to a history buff, but lacking the ability to recall specific dates and the names of European kings and explorers.
†A personal trainer who will bring you coffee, remember your birthday and notice immediately the first time you get even a bit of definition in your triceps.
‡don’t judge please.
§Not really, but she is a pretty decent writer.

Contact Heather at flamingfeather27(at)yahoo.com. She would love to hear from you!